“It's like a physiotherapist in your pocket”

Rob Laird, Musculoskeletal Specialist Physiotherapist

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What is ViMove?

ViMove consists of two wireless movement sensors (MDMs), two wireless electromyography (EMG) sensors (MDEs), Disposable Applicators (Daps), a Recording and Feedback Device (RFD) and the LIVE software package.

ViMove is used by doctors for assessment of Low Back Pain patients in-clinic and at home/work. ViMove+ is more comprehensive and is used by physiotherapists to also  provide live training and real-time feedback to the patients to help them modify and re-train movements.


The movement sensors measure movement in 2 planes (coronal and sagittal) and overall movement of the lumbar spine (movement at L1 and S1 vertebrae). The muscle activity sensors measure muscle activity of the Erector Spinae muscles at L3 vertebra. The sensors clip into the Daps and are then placed on the patients skin.

Data Transfer

The sensors wirelessly transmit information to the RFD, which fits easily into the patient’s pocket. The RFD transmits the data to the PC for viewing data live or stores the data for analysis at a later time. The RFD can also display movement on the RFD screen, provide alerts (for undesirable movements and postures) and reminders for prescribed exercises.


The powerful LIVE software package allows data from the sensors to be viewed on the computer in real-time. dorsaVi’s proprietary algorithms are also able to classify activities of daily living that patients perform and produces reports summarising patient movement and muscle activity over a short period of time (in-clinic assessment) or over a day (24 hour home/work monitoring). It also stores the patients data into a database for review at any time.