First ViMove Mastermind Meeting proves valuable for clinicians

First ViMove Mastermind Meeting proves valuable for clinicians

On September 8, our UK team held their first ViMove Mastermind group meeting. Aimed at improving collaboration and knowledge sharing, the event saw ViMove customers from across the UK travel to Tom Rosier Physiotherapy clinic in Newbury for a morning filled with product demonstrations, case study sharing and module support.

Throughout the meeting, it was great to hear our ViMove customers share tips, tricks and expertise with one another to drive patient engagement and improve patient outcomes. The main takeaway from September’s session was the value of ViMove’s Low Back Monitoring assessment tool when dealing with a complex patient. The Low Back Monitoring assessment fills the gap between subjective and objective assessments in-clinic and allows the clinician to see what happens in the patient’s daily life. This allows the clinician to highlight relevant pieces of information that may not have otherwise been considered. You can learn more about ViMove here.

Here’s who attended our September session:

  • A2Z Elite Health Performance
  • Sheffield Physiotherapy
  • Active Therapy
  • Caversham Osteo Room
  • Running Reborn
  • Bowskill Clinic
  • Tom Rosier Physiotherapy
  • PhysioElite
  • Theale Wellbeing Centre
  • Move to Perform

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