New York Islanders Using dorsaVi Movement Sensors To Customize Physical Therapy Programs

New York Islanders Using dorsaVi Movement Sensors To Customize Physical Therapy Programs


Jennifer M.: Weekend warriors take note, it’s not just for the pros though. The New York Islanders will now be using these tiny sensors.

Eric Cairns: Going through a 10-year NHL career and then being retired for 10 years, it can show me my deficiencies in my body and different things that I can work on.

Jennifer M.: Inside the Islanders’ new rehab facility at the Northwell Health Ice Center, curious members of the community who suffered recent sports injuries learned more about portable motion capture technology.

Kerri W.: Squat.

Jennifer M.: It’s so tiny.

Kerri W.: It’s small. It contains an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a magnetometer, and that’s how it collects the data.

Jennifer M.: Real-time computer analysis, giving instantaneous results through the magic of electronics.

Daniel Vaknin: What makes it cool is that, is the portability of it, and the ease in which you could do it.

Jennifer M.: Human movement patterns and muscle activity are measured. I was a college athlete at Michigan, and I feel like my knees and my body is still in good shape-

Kerri W.: Excellent.

Jennifer M.: … and I guess I’m going to learn that it isn’t.

Kerri W.: We’ll take a look at your movement during the knee test, looking at your squats and your hops, and see how your knee control is, your speed of movement, and your positioning.

Roger Gerland: Through the use of the biomechanical analysis, see this what our eyes can’t see essentially.

Kerri W.: You have great speed and control of the movement of your squat. We can certainly see on the right side there’s some weakness, probably related to something in your history.

Jennifer M.: I learned that my bilateral squats are better controlled than my single leg squats. My college basketball injury to my right hip may be playing a role, even to this day. Now that this technology is becoming more widespread, therapists can customize treatment programs for anyone. From Eisenhower Park, East Meadow, Jennifer McLogan CBS2 News.

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