The Top 4 Ways Clinics Can Grow Their Businesses 2023

The Top 4 Ways Clinics Can Grow Their Businesses 2023

Ramp Up Your Marketing

Most small/medium-sized clinics would benefit from a renewed focus on marketing. Marketing can seem time-consuming, but it is a relatively simple and easy way to drive new business—if done right! Although the clinician’s primary focus is driving positive patient outcomes, promoting the business should not be an afterthought.

  1. Here are some easy-to-implement marketing ideas:

    • Hire someone (part-time) or assign a staff member to post on social media. Younger staff, in particular, may relish the opportunity.
    • Collect and promote Patient Testimonials – This can be collected directly and featured on the website, or patients can be encouraged to leave a review on Google
    • Post Regularly on Social Media – Share your success stories, show varied clients in varying stages of rehab and appeal to the word-of-mouth advertising.
    • Feature Your Staff – Everyone wants to know what people are doing—is someone running a 10K? travelling somewhere fun?
    • Improve Your Website – Keep the website updated with staff profiles, contact info and make it eye-catching and easy to navigate.
    Easy to implement marketing ideas
  2. Invest in technology:

    Easy to implement marketing ideas
    To stay ahead of the curve, clinicians need to embrace technology – our clients are using technology in all walks of life, and mainstream medicine is leaning towards technology more and more, so why are we not embracing this in our PT clinics and strength and conditioning? The wearable healthcare market is surging, and according to Insider Intelligence research, the number of health and fitness app users will stay above 84 million through 2022. Nothing says “state of the art” more than putting sensors on your clients and assessing them with objective data and results. This growing trend in wearable fitness technology will influence the decision of insurers, health providers, and companies to take advantage of the benefits of wearable health monitoring devices. You are behind the curve if you are not using any technology to date.

    Our dorsaVi wearable sensors are easy to use, quick to apply, portable, and cost-effective. If you have not seen our dorsaVi wearable sensors and the objective data that can be collected, please check out this brochure and 6 min video

  3. Retain Your Patients Longer:

    One of the challenges facing many clinics is that once the patient is “better,” they are discharged, and you must find another patient to replace them! Compare this to owning a dental practice where you have regularly reoccurring appointments. Finding creative ways to keep your patients in your clinic is vital to ensure ongoing revenue. Many clinics are adding a sports performance/strength and conditioning arm to their practice, Pilates or yoga classes. Insurance companies are not paying for patients to fully return to their preinjury level. So instead of losing them to a gym or personal training location, add it to your facility and keep them there. It is much easier to transition back into PT when they have another issue if they are in the building frequently!

    Easy to implement marketing ideas

    To assist your patients with the transition to the Sports Performance side of the business, perform an assessment with the dorsaVi ViMove+ AMI (Athletic Movement Index). The dorsaVi reports give excellent objective data on how well the patients are doing along with the areas that need improvement and will assist in setting goals for the strength and conditioning team. Patients can then be retested periodically to show improvement and generate buy in to your programs.

  4. Utilize Your Front Desk

    The reception desk is often the most crucial part of your clinic, unfriendly and unhelpful receptionists are all too common in clinics and often leave clients with a bad overall experience. In contrast, friendly, efficient, and caring front desk staff can change your practice's entire “feel” and improve your bottom line. Encourage your front desk staff to be creative to maximize scheduling, to enquire each time they see a patient leave as to whether they have another appointment scheduled, to converse with the patients and get to know them. Encouraging the front desk to be the ones to schedule the patients for the dorsaVi testing is another way to not only showcase your use of technology but also to generate excellent Return on Investment on the technology. If you would like more information about dorsaVi can grow your practice, please leave us a message and we will be in touch!

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