Innovative partnership between dorsaVi and São Paulo FC

Innovative partnership between dorsaVi and São Paulo FC

“This technology will help us a lot…we know when our players are ready to run and play on field again.”

– Ricardo Sasaki

Sao Paulo FC is considered one of the best organised clubs in world Football. Their Centre for Sports Rehabilitation and physiotherapy, the REFFIS, attracts some of the best in their field such as Ricardo Sasaki rated in the top 10 physiotherapists worldwide. In addition to their professional excellence they also invest in state of the art technology, with dorsaVi’s ViPerform as their latest tool. This technology is being used on their players to screen and evaluate their readiness for return to play through knee, hamstring and running assessments. Kaká, known as one of the best soccer players in the world, shows in his training sessions with Sasaki, how easily ViPerform has been integrated into both his gym program and outdoor running sessions.

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