Workplace practices assessed with ViSafe

Workplace practices assessed with ViSafe

Workers at a South Australian manufacturing plant will have their movements tracked under an occupational health and safety program using dorsaVi’s ViSafe technology.

Orora, the demerged Australasian packaging and distribution business of Amcor, will use ViSafe at its Regency Park cartons manufacturing plant in South Australia to further improve worker safety and welfare when using Asitrade, a high performance machine used for corrugation of packaging materials.

The new initiative at the Regency Park plant will involve fitting movement sensors to the lower back and shoulders of workers during standard work tasks, and recording physical demands when using the Asitrade machine. ViSafe will then undertake detailed movement studies of workers as they perform their tasks in real-time.

In collaboration with Sano Health, specialists in health and injury prevention, dorsaVi will also collect qualitative data by video recording and later interviewing machine operators. This information will be combined with objective, numerical data from dorsaVi’s ViSafe sensors, then analysed and used to formulate safety improvement recommendations.

dorsaVi CEO Andrew Ronchi said: “For any organisation, worker safety and education is paramount to an efficient and effective operation. We are thrilled dorsaVi is involved in helping Orora continue to deliver on these goals.”

Orora joins Coles, Woolworths, Toll, Toyota, Crown and BHP Billiton as other major corporate users of ViSafe.

Victorian health services provider Monash Health has also commenced a biomechanical assessment program of workers using dorsaVi’s ViSafe.

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