dorsaVi launch with Herb Elliott

dorsaVi launch with Herb Elliott

Former Olympic middle distance runner Herb Elliott, was the special guest at dorsaVi’s launch event held at the MCG on Thursday the 21st of March 2013.

The event hosted by ex AFL player Jason Richardson boasted over two hundred attendees, and was in celebration of the launch of dorsaVi’s ground breaking movement analysis technologies, ViMove for the Clinical market and ViPerform for the Sports market.

Mr Elliott answered questions regarding his sporting career and the capabilities of dorsaVi’s new technology as the new secret weapon of professional sporting clubs. “When I was competing, I had a problem with injuries, particularly a bad knee. There’s no doubt technology like dorsaVi would have helped my recovery,” said Mr Elliott.

In his speech, co-creator Andrew Ronchi said this revolutionary new technology is also helping healthcare professionals manage back pain for millions of Australians.“Every person’s back pain is as unique as their fingerprint. Now for the first time I can have a conversation with all the muscles in the back and spine and determine the unique features of each patient’s condition.This information will allow me to design positive movement patterns and empower my patients to reduce or eliminate their back pain,” said Mr. Ronchi.

Guests were given the opportunity to preview dorsaVi’s new technology at stations that were relevant to their field of experience. The six stations covered Running Assessment, Hamstring Assessment, Knee Stability, Functional Screening, Low Back Assessment and Live Training.

Six panellists were interviewed by audience members regarding their personal and professional use of ViMove and ViPerform. The panellists included Dr. David Vivian (Metro Spinal Clinic), Dr. Adam Castricum (Olympic Park Sport Medicine Centre), Tim Dettmann (Kieser Training), Dale Morris (Western Bulldogs), Dr. Anthony Schache (Richmond Football Club) and Murray Ryan (Cricket NSW).

When asked about how ViPerform helped him recover from on-going leg injuries, Dale Morris (Western Bulldogs Football Club) said, “ViPerform was definitely a major contributing factor to my ability to play for Western Bulldogs”.

Upcoming launch events will be held in other capital cities around Australia over the next few months. To register your interest in attending please email

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