ViPerform and golf in full swing

ViPerform and golf in full swing

ViPerform has recently gained media attention in the golfing world. With a report on the technology being aired on Fox Sport’s Golf Show and an article in the August edition of Golf Australia, professionals and amateurs alike are starting to take note.

Revolutionary sensor technology created and developed in Australia has been adopted by some of Australia’s best golfers and coaches to reduce injury and improve technique.

Co-creator Andrew Ronchi says the small, non-invasive, wireless sensors accurately and objectively measure muscle activity and movement of the back, pelvis, elbows and shoulders.

“A fluid swing is vital for preventing golfing injuries, particularly of the lower back. Using ViPerform sensors I can get a clear picture of a golfer’s movement and identify ways to reduce stress on the body,” Mr Ronchi says.

Australian tour professional and coach Stuart Leong recently used ViPerform on former PGA and European golf professional James McLean.

“We used the technology to evaluate James’ set-up. ViPerform provides me with instant feedback on a player’s set up and that’s why it’s so valuable to both professional and recreation golfers,” Mr Leong says.

The technology has also been endorsed by Dr David Vivian, Pain Specialist at Melbourne’s Metro Spinal Clinic who regularly treats professional and recreational sports people suffering low back pain.

“ViPerform is an exciting new technology that has applications in injury prevention and management. It is likely to have similar application to golf, with the added benefit in enhancement of swing mechanics and swing reproducibility,” Dr Vivian says.

dorsaVi technology, such as ViMove is also being used by health professionals to remove the guesswork from clinical assessments, and allows health experts to obtain a better understanding of how particular movement patterns and postures may be contributing to the person’s back pain.

Away from the clinic and the golf course, dorsaVi technology is also being used by supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles, Manchester United, Richmond Tigers and Cricket NSW to maximise performance and manage injuries.

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