Bob Laybourne: “Completely pain free” thanks to ViMove

Bob Laybourne: “Completely pain free” thanks to ViMove

Storeman Bob Laybourne suffered from years of chronic back pain to the point where he was unable to carry out everyday activities such as collecting the mail. Even showering and going to the bathroom became difficult without the help of an aid.

In 2012, it was a visit to Victorian-based Specialist Physical Therapist and ViMove advocate Rob Laird that changed his life completely.

Mr Laybourne had tried everything from anti-inflammatory medication to acupuncture but it was ViMove that helped him better understand his condition and correct his posture during everyday activities.

“ViMove taught me how to stand, how to walk and how to position myself when sitting or getting in and out of the car,” said Mr Laybourne. “It gave me the confidence to go about my daily activities knowing the device would alert me if I was moving outside of limits that weren’t safe for me.”

“It has been just over two years since I was treated with ViMove and I am completely pain free. I sleep well, live well, am able to lift heavy objects and help my son with his footy training, and I wake up the next morning pain free.”

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