dorsaVi Europe sign third premier league club and builds on growing awareness of products

dorsaVi Europe sign third premier league club and builds on growing awareness of products

As dorsaVi continues to push its international presence, the Company’s European subsidiary, dorsaVi Europe Ltd, welcomed the appointment of two new sales and marketing representatives to the team; Paul Jones and Tom Doe.

Off to a flying start, the new team welcomed a third Barclay’s Premier League club, Sunderland Association Football Club (AFC), to its long list of elite sporting customers, with the Club implementing the ViPerform system for use with the first team players.

Throughout the UK and Europe, dorsaVi has attended a number of high profile healthcare and sporting conferences in recent months.

West Bromwich Albion’s Lead Rehab Physiotherapist Steve Wright gave a well-attended talk at the Elite Sports Therapy & Medical Rehabilitation conference, describing his use of ViPerform when rehabilitating players and making return to sport decisions.

“People all move differently and our methods for assessing movement outside of a lab-based environment are frequently quite subjective, however, there is technology available to greatly increase our objectivity and this is essential to improving our understanding of athletic movement and aberrant movement patterns or substitution strategies which frequently exist post injury,” said Mr Wright.

“ViPerform quantifies movement and by putting hard and fast numbers to our assessment means we can adopt a scientific approach, establish reliable baselines and measure progress or change in a valid and reliable way, in a clinic or field-based environment.”

“For the first time we have a wireless system that we can easily use to measure critical parameters within dynamic stabilisation tests, landing mechanics, and ground reaction forces on the field of play. If you want to bring some reliability and objectivity to movement assessment, I don’t think there’s anything out there that can touch it (ViPerform).”

dorsaVi CEO Andrew Ronchi said he is encouraged by the growing awareness of ViPerform and ViMove in the United Kingdom and Europe.

“I am pleased to have welcomed such high calibre sales and marketing personnel to our UK/Europe subsidiary. It is exciting to see that these appointments are already paying off through the rapid adoption of our technology by high profile teams,” Mr Ronchi said.

“We are also pleased to see awareness of our health professional product ViMove growing as a result of the high profile adoption of our technology by elite sports clubs in the UK.”

Clinical Director at Kensington Physio, Scott Tindal, is one health professional who has been using ViMove in his clinic for nearly two years.

Mr Tindal recently used ViMove on a patient as initial observations showed an apparent altered pattern of movement which was causing low back pain. ViMove provided more objective data, putting absolute numbers on movement which helped direct treatment.

“I believe that ViMove is changing the way we look at backs. We are constantly trying to search for objective markers to explain low back pain. The way people move is gaining more and more acceptance as a reliable way of understanding low back pain, and now we are able to measure it,” Mr Tindal said.

dorsaVi continues to grow and welcome new elite sports teams on board as well as responding to interest from pain management specialists who are taking up ViMove as a baseline and outcome measure for different interventions relating to chronic lower back pain.

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