dorsaVi successfully promotes products to top-tier and industry media

dorsaVi successfully promotes products to top-tier and industry media

Over the past few months dorsaVi has been striving to promote its technology through a series of strategically earned media opportunities across print, television and online.

In late-July, well-known Victorian masthead, The Herald Sun ran a full page feature article on dorsaVi in its Business section. The article followed a series of exciting announcements with the journalist, Paul Gilder, eager to learn more about physiotherapist-turned-CEO Andrew Ronchi and his brother Dan who drove a Melbourne-based start-up to a global success. The Herald Sun article can be found here.

May was a popular month in the media landscape with Australian Mining Magazine, a popular business to business publication, running a very positive two page feature article on dorsaVi. The article also featured on the magazine’s website.

The article gave insight into dorsaVi’s history, spoke positively about its financial position, and illustrated how its wearable sensor technology works. Much of the article focused on ViSafe by highlighting its usefulness for insurers such as Allianz and large mining companies such as Byrnecut Australia in assessing workplace health and safety practises.

This opportunity was pursued following the Allianz announcement with the journalist expressing an interest in having a “hands on” experience with the product. The journalist had his own ViMove assessment so he could better understand how the technology worked before developing his story.

This strategic approach led to a detailed and well rounded story which can be found online by following this link

Later that month, dorsaVi pursued an exciting opportunity with Channel 9’s A Current Affair, which featured the Company’s clinical product, ViMove, in a story about back pain.

This opportunity was pursued on the back of an announcement that was featured in our April 2014 newsletter. The announcement, titled ViMove helping to reduce back pain, looked at how the device was being used by a variety of healthcare professionals including neurosurgeons, pain medicine specialists and physiotherapists to assess and treat patients with back pain.

The segment featured an interview with Andrew Ronchi on what led him to creating ViMove and the benefits of this product over other currently available options for clinicians.

Professor Richard Bittar, a neurosurgeon from Precision Spine and Pain Clinic, who uses the technology for his clinic’s back pain patients, was also interviewed on the use of ViMove in diagnosing and treating his patients. Professor Bittar was quoted saying, “This may have the potential to help patients with back pain avoid surgery in many cases.”

Regan Burrows, a patient of Professor Bittar, featured during the segment to talk about the benefit of ViMove in understanding his condition and consequently helping in his rehabilitation.

Lastly, the reporter spoke with Bob Laybourne, a chronic back pain sufferer, who was treated with ViMove just over two years ago and says the product has changed his life. Mr Laybourne went from being unable to walk to his letter box to now (following intervention with ViMove) being able to help his son during footy training.

The story was shared 863 times on Facebook and saw a spike in the Company’s share price. A Current Affair and dorsaVi both received a high volume of enquiries after the program.

The ACA story can be found online at

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