ViMove helping to reduce back pain

ViMove helping to reduce back pain

ViMove is removing the guesswork from clinical assessments and assisting healthcare professionals, like Professor Richard Bittar and pain medicine specialist Dr Richard Sullivan, to reduce back pain in their patients.

ViMove has been adopted by several leading pain clinics including the Precision Spine and Pain Clinic, Metro Pain Clinic and Epworth HealthCare.

“Low back pain is a crippling condition because it impacts on your entire life. Treatment can be slow and often surgery is seen as the only solution,” Prof Bittar says.

“ViMove is helping us to offer individualised treatment to many patients, often as an alternative to invasive surgery.”

More than 80 per cent of Australians will suffer back pain at some point in their life, and the direct and indirect costs of treating this condition has been estimated at more than $9 billion per annum.

“The technology is helping us make an accurate diagnosis, allows us to facilitate functional recovery and empowers our patients to reduce their back pain and improve their quality of life,” Dr Sullivan added.

The information produced by ViMove is assisting clinicians to make a more accurate patient assessment which leads to more tailored treatment plans.

Physiotherapist Justin Moar is also involved in the physical therapy of patients that are assessed by Prof Bittar and Dr Sullivan, and is seeing excellent results.

“Once they’ve had their ViMove assessment with Richard, I can then use this report as a baseline from which we can objectively measure the effectiveness of our treatment. It also helps the patient understand their unique movement related issues and how we can use biofeedback to help improve them,” Mr Moar says.

“What’s most exciting about ViMove is being able to continue to provide that biofeedback to improve posture and movement patterns at home or work. It is this assistance with “putting it into practice” which helps get people out of pain and back into life much quicker.”

Other new ViMove customers include PhysioSports in Brighton, Victoria, which is using the ViMove on patients for monitoring low back movement, cycling and core control work and internationally, Broadgate Spine and the Joint Clinic in London are now using ViMove with their patients. For a full list of clinics using ViMove go to

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