ViMove role in Winter Olympics success for Australia

ViMove role in Winter Olympics success for Australia

dorsaVi’s ViMove was used by Australian aerial skier – and Sochi bronze medalist – Lydia Lassila in the lead up to her successful Winter Olympics performance.

Lydia Lassila, an Australian Gold medallist aerial skier had experienced lower back pain, dating back to a lumbar injury sustained in 2002, but intensified after returning to aerial skiing following the birth of her first child. As this debilitating low back pain was threatening Lydia’s Aerial skiing Career, Ashley Merkur, Australian Winter Olympic Head Physiotherapist, approached specialist sports physiotherapist Trish Wisbey-Roth for possible solutions.

In March 2013, a detailed biomechanical and muscle control assessment was performed and comprehensive rehabilitation program designed with a medal at Sochi Winter Olympics the ultimate goal.

ViMove was used by Trish to identify a number of hip and lower back problems that were contributing to the low back pain.

“Trish’s expert assessment identified a combination of anterior hip instability, sacroiliac joint incompetence, and absence of deep spine, pelvic and hip stabilising muscle activation amongst other aberrant recruitment patterns,” said sports physiotherapist Ashley Merkur.

A combination of Trish’s expertise, and the comprehensive information made available via the use of ViMove, ensured these issues were able to be identified, ordered in priority and a successful rehabilitation plan put into action. Trish has also travelled with Australian Olympic teams and is the creator of Bounce back exercise systems ( to optimise muscle control and movement patterns after neck low back and hip injury”

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