ViMove uptake in research and education

ViMove uptake in research and education

The adoption of dorsaVi products by leading researchers and clinicians supports its emergence as the new standard for the clinical and scientific analysis of movement. Monash University and Austin Health are both using the product as a teaching aid.

Monash University’s Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences is using ViMove for ongoing research to examine the causes of back pain, its management and prevention.

“There is something quite special about understanding movement out in the field and in the patient’s natural environment. It’s something we haven’t been able to accurately do before,” said the university’s Faculty Director of Allied Health, Professor Jenny Keating.

Austin Health is also using ViMove to teach post graduate physiotherapy students at the clinical school.

“There is excellent potential to use ViMove as a research and educational tool for our students, and indeed all people studying movement,” said Austin Health physiotherapist Wendy Peake.

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