U18 AFL TAC Cup team screening with ViMove

U18 AFL TAC Cup team screening with ViMove

Over the weekend, dorsaVi’s clinical expert Tanya Reid participated in an U18 U18 AFL TAC Cup team screening session using ViMove’s Functional module and ViMove2 Knee. Throughout the day, the Football players were fitted with ViMove sensors and asked to perform a variety of tests which would assess their ability to maintain adequate core and knee control. With the ability to identify even the smallest of movements that are missed by the human eye, dorsaVi’s ViMove technology provides coaches and physiotherapists with never-before seen information on how their players move in real-time.

Says Tanya Reid, “ViMove was very impressive – it was great to use the technology in a situation where 20-30 players are being assessed one after the other and you know you can start and complete a round of tests within a few minutes. The feedback from the screening session was overwhelmingly positive, with the players and physio staff finding the data from ViMove to be extremely valuable.”

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