dorsaVi Major Grocery Store Case Study

The Right Equipment for the Job Enabled a Major Grocery Store Chain to Reduce Back Injuries by 88%

Manual handling is a major part of the job in the retail industry. Common activities include stacking shelves, stacking cartons on pallets, moving hand trucks and packing stock. These activities involve several risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Using observation alone, it is difficult to determine which specific movements within a job task are contributing to the risk of MSDs.

Find out how dorsaVi’s workplace wearable technology was used to validate manual handling equipment and reduce injuries for this major grocery store.

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Our wearable motion sensors are paired with HD video to produce real time objective data. Assess injury risk. Guide Interviews. Create Smarter Rehabilitation and Exercise Plans. Track Results.

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“You might miss something that deviates 3 to 5 degrees from the normal range of motion, which doesn’t seem like much. However when it comes to the playing field, that 3 to 5 degrees could be the difference between injury and a pain-free game.”

-Loren Landow: Director of Sports Performance at Steadman Hawkins Performance

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