dorsaVi Return on Intelligence Webinar

Return on Intelligence: Turning Movement Insights into Improved Safety Outcome

While most organizations are aware of where their musculoskeletal injuries occur, knowing which of their employees’ many tasks are contributing most to their risk of injury can be difficult to pinpoint. This is where dorsaVi can help.


With its precise movement and muscle activity sensors, and video capture analysis system, dorsaVi is able to collect information in the real work environment, on real employees, in real-time. Insights uncovered from this analysis allows organizations to make informed decisions and de-risk capital investments.


Three case studies will be shared during the webinar:

1. Heathrow Airport: How Heathrow Airport used assessment data to inform decision making, change work practice, engage the workforce with ‘real-life’ data to change behavior and ultimately reduce injuries.

2. Woolworths: We’ll discuss how Woolworths were able to use comparative assessments to validate the purchase of new manual handling equipment.

3. Visy Board: Understand how Visy was able to modify employee behavior with the use of dorsaVi’s mini-sensor solution, myViSafe.


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Our wearable motion sensors are paired with HD video to produce real time objective data. Assess injury risk. Guide Interviews. Create Smarter Rehabilitation and Exercise Plans. Track Results.

What People are Saying About Us

“You might miss something that deviates 3 to 5 degrees from the normal range of motion, which doesn’t seem like much. However when it comes to the playing field, that 3 to 5 degrees could be the difference between injury and a pain-free game.”

-Loren Landow: Director of Sports Performance at Steadman Hawkins Performance

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