Dynamic Movement Assessments

Dynamic movement assessments are one of the best ways of truly capturing how people move in real life. dorsaVi Professional Suite wearable technology can be used to monitor and assess a range of dynamic movements, applying complex algorithms to determine metrics related to a range of movement, control and speed.
In this article, we explore the types of movements that can be assessed using dorsaVi technology.

Dynamic Movement Assessments for Running

Two assessment modes available

Live Option: With dorsaVi’s Professional Suite Run assessment product, you can measure your clients’ running on a treadmill in real-time with live data streaming. This method enables you to control variables such as gradient and speed, while making independent changes to detect nuanced assessment outcomes.

Monitoring Option: Using the run monitoring functionality you can take dynamic movement assessments to the next level, by monitoring your client outside, in real world conditions. Our wearable sensors can capture up to 2 hours of continuous running data, away from the clinic. Be with your clients every step they take on their road to running success.

In both movement assessment modes, precise outputs include:

  • Symmetry
  • Ground reaction force
  • Initial peak acceleration  
  • Ground contact time
  • Speed  
  • Pace
  • Cadence

Dynamic Movement Assessments for the Knee

dorsaVi’s Professional Suite Knee product can be used to assess knee kinematics when your client is performing dynamic movements. Accurately measure range, speed and direction of knee movement in two planes while performing high-speed tests such as vertical hop, single and double leg squat.

Measure metrics including varus/valgus deviation, speed of collapse, flight time and tibial inclination. Perform repeat assessments to understand movement consistency and uncontrolled movements.

Dynamic Movement Assessments for the Lower Back

Two assessment modes available

Every back pain client is different and a one size fits all treatment approach doesn’t always work. dorsaVi Professional Suite provides you with the tools you need to understand your clients’ movement both in and out of the clinic, and deliver tailored treatment programs that produce real results

Live Option: Get real-time data, assess range, timing and quality of movement as well as standing and sitting postures. Compare results to age-based normative data and track results over time.

Monitoring Option: Track your client for up to 24 hours of continuous lower back monitoring, measuring their real world behavior. You can also customize activity goals for your clients to remind them to modify their movement behavior during their monitoring session.

Dynamic Movement Assessment and Wearable Technology

Combining this powerful assessment tool with our leading edge wearable sensors helps physical therapists and trainers prescribe tailored exercise programs, enhance rehabilitation outcomes and identify poor movement patterns.


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