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[Research] How to Maximize Revenue in Your Clinical Practice by Utilizing Technology

Download this article and learn how technology can generate more revenue for the practice in many different ways.

[Research] dorsaVi Wireless Motion Sensor System during Lifting

Download this research article from the team at Curtin University in Australia that assessed the validity of the dorsaVi sensors compared to the Vicon motion analysis system for measuring lumbar flexion during lifting. This study found clinically acceptable concurrent validity between the dorsaVi sensors and the gold standard Vicon measurement system.

[CASE STUDY] Previous Injuries and Their Effects Today

Download our latest case study highlighting how the dorsaVi wearable sensor technology was used to assess whether an athlete could return to play following an ACL reconstruction. The objective data highlighted his previous injuries and the ongoing functional limitations of those injuries. Using the data, the clinicians were able to design a specific plan of care and rehab program.

Top 4 Ways Clinics Can Grow Their Businesses

Growing your clinic can be daunting when your main focus is patient care. We’ve put together our top four strategies to help you expand your business in 2023 and beyond. By utilizing digital marketing, cutting-edge technology, and more, you’ll see your patient list and retention rate soar!

[WEBINAR] AMI For All Patients

Listen to this short recording that discusses how you can use wearable sensors to obtain objective data to impress your clients and enhance your treatment plans. From your high-level athletes to your weekend warriors to your post-surgery, older client, dorsaVi has the technology for you. Set yourself apart now!

[Webinar] Breakthroughs in Wearable Sensor Technology and Maximizing ROI

We recently released an advanced wearable sensor technology that gives Physical Therapists and Performance Trainers the ability to use data to make decisions on patient care

[Webinar] AMI Product Overview

For a limited time only, we are offering a significant discount ($3,000) on the first systems sold!
If you are a Physical Therapist, Performance Specialist or Athletic Trainer with an active clientele, this product was designed for you. Set yourself apart from the competition and bring wearable technology to your practice to enhance the care of all your athletes!

[WEBINAR] New AMI Product Introduction

Listen in as we interview the key people behind the development of the new ViMove+ AMI (Athletic Movement Index) module: Andrew Ronchi, the CEO, Physical Therapist and primary developer of the dorsaVi wearable sensor technology and Trent Nessler MPT, DPT who assisted in the development of the AMI module

[CASE STUDY] Investigation of Optimal Lumbar Spine Posture in Elite Gymnasts

Read this very interesting research article that used the dorsaVi sensors on elite gymnasts to assess the Lumbar Spine ROM during a simulated landing task (SLT). This article written by Lawrence Sonvico et al from The English Institute of Sport was published in The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy.

[On Demand Webinar] dorsaVi Technology to Assess Pre and Post Treatment Interventions

Listen to Dr. Seun Adigun DC, owner of the Extra Wellness Center, discussing how she uses the dorsaVi technology as an assessment tool before and after her therapeutic interventions. This is a fascinating case about a Professional football player; Dr. Seun used our dorsaVi wearable sensor technology and our Hamstring module to assess the athlete prior to treatment and then again post intervention

Research Article: Lumbopelvic Postural Differences in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Download this research article that used the dorsaVi Low Back module to assess patients with Idiopathic Adolescent Scoliosis. Lack of lumbar lordosis is a postural abnormality that has been identified as a pathologic posture in degenerative scoliosis. This pathologic posture is promoted by several biomechanical factors, most notably spinal flexion and pelvic retroversion. Loss of lumbar lordosis leaves the spine vulnerable to more shear forces, increasing the risk for rotational deformities.

Health Me Podcast: dorsaVi Wearable Sensor Technology

Recently our dorsaVi Head of Clinical Sales, Joanna Goldin, PT was invited to speak on The Health Me Podcast, hosted by Michael Swienton, DPT, CSCS. In the episode they covered wearable sensor technology in the realm of performance and recovery, especially related to the dorsaVi technology. dorsaVi has been a leader in the space for many years and Joanna was able to share everything she has experienced with the technology

[On Demand Webinar] ROI with Matt May

Watch our latest webinar where we discuss how data captured with wearable sensor technology can help inform the decisions you make to reduce manual handling injury in the workplace. We will share an example of how a large retail supermarket chain utilized ViSafe to validate their assumptions from injury statistics and refine workplace practices, in an effort to reduce injury rates and absenteeism.

[On Demand Webinar] Interview with Ron Bellows

Listen as we interview Ron Bellows, President of Risk Retention Bureau – a worker’s compensation risk consultancy company focused on improving corporate risk profiles through the application of wearable technology. Ron has extensive expertise in managing the implementation of wearable technology together with corporate risk managers, by focusing on cost benefit, culture and return on investment.

[ON Demand Webinar] ROI from utilizing wearable sensor technologies in the workplace

Watch out latest webinar where we discuss the types of return on investment you can expect from utilizing wearable sensor technologies in the workplace? We will share some of the outcomes that companies can expect when engaging with dorsaVi & illustrate examples of the ROI experienced by our clients. You don’t want to miss this!

[On Demand Webinar] Using Wearable Technology to Reduce Injuries & Improve Employee Engagement in H&S

Listen as we interview Rob Mayor (QHSE Manager at Jonesco) and discuss the positive impact wearable sensor technology has had on safety initiatives and compliance within their organisation. Positive outcomes include improving OHS performance and employee & management engagement in OHS and reducing manual handling injuries & claims

[On Demand Webinar] Return on Investment – Demonstrate ROI with preventative Measures to reduce Injury

Listen to our on-demand webinar where we discuss how organizations can use wearable technology to gain support for investing in preventative measures to reduce musculoskeletal injury, by showing return on investment. We will share some of the outcomes that companies can expect when engaging with dorsaVi & illustrate examples of the ROI experienced by our clients.

[CASE STUDY] AMI Module Creates a Treatment Plan

DorsaVi’s AMI Module was used to help explain the back pain of a baseball athlete and create a treatment plan to help relieve the plan. In this case study, we demonstrate how easy and effective the AMI module is for clinicians to utilize as a tool

[WEBINAR] Interpret and relay the results of the AMI to improve outcomes

Join us with Trent Nessler, Shawna Jamison and Maka Lange as we discuss specific tests and results of using the AMI (Athletic Movement Index) and how they translate into improving performance and preventing injury.

[WEBINAR] Wearable Technology in Physical Therapy Recovery

We are very excited to share our new AMI webinar where we discuss how dorsaVi’s AMI Module was utilized to help guide a 55-year-old male athlete’s physical therapy recovery. Learn how dorsaVi was able to improve this athlete’s performance and recovery.

[WEBINAR] On-demand Webinar with Gareth Ziyambi – From the Clinic to the Olympics

Listen as we interview Physiotherapist Gareth Ziyambi. Gareth is the Clinic Director & Principal Physiotherapist at A2Z Elite Health & Performance in London, UK as well as the Physiotherapist for UK Swimming and Diving

[WEBINAR] An Interview With Gary Vitti – Former Head Athletic Trainer of the Lakers

Watch the latest Webinar where we talk with Gary Vitti about the evolution of Sports Medicine and Sports Performance during his time with the LA Lakers along with the way he assesses movement patterns in his athletes

[CASE STUDY] Predicting Safe Movement Based on Age – Using AMI as a guide for Physical Therapy Care

In this case study, we will share how DorsaVi’s AMI Module was used as a tool to help guide an athlete’s physical therapy care. The case study will explain to you how DorsaVi’s AMI Module and wearable sensor technology was used to monitor the success and effectiveness of a physical therapy care plan for a 55-year-old elite male athlete

[WEBINAR] A Prospective Motion Analysis Study of Young Athletes By Joe Janosky

Listen to the discussion as we interview Joe Janosky, the Director of Injury Prevention Programs for the Sports Medicine Institute at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New York City. Janoky is the author of Age is More Predictive of Safe Movement Than are Physical Activity or Sports Specialization: A Prospective Motion Analysis Study of Young Athletes published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine.

[WEBINAR] Wearable Technology Combating Back Pain

Watch as we interview Physical Therapist, Renuka Pinto, as she discusses the fascinating prevalent trends that she has observed in her back pain patients post COVID. Renuka will share case examples of different patients as well as discussing the issues with working/school from home along with successful solutions

[CASE STUDY] Soccer Program Instituting AMI technology for Injury Prevention

We are excited to share with you our new Athletic Movement Index (AMI) case study, in which we discuss how Grand Canyon University (GCU) used dorsaVi’s AMI as an injury prevention tool to monitor and prescribe tailored programs for their Division 1 women’s soccer team

[WEBINAR] Taking Human Movement and Turning it into Human Performance

Watch as Royston Barksby and Dr. Kerri Whitehead talk movement and performance with renowned running coach Shane Benzie.

In this webinar, we will take the laboratory outside into the natural world and discuss movement analysis in a runner’s natural environment

[WEBINAR] RUN Series – dorsaVi in Performance (PART 4)

Sign up to watch the fourth of our 4-part dorsaVi webinar Run Series. We are joined by special guest, Matt Williams from The Training Shed. He is a specialist in running analysis as well as general health and wellbeing. Each webinar will explore a different element to running using gait analysis, with the dorsaVi technology

[CASE STUDY] AMI Module detects movement fault in Collegiate Lacrosse player

Learn how the AMI Module and dorsaVi’s wearable sensor technology successfully detected movement fault on the athlete’s right side, eight months after ACL reconstruction surgery on his right knee

[WEBINAR] RUN Series – Return to Running After an Injury the Smart Way (PART III)

Sign up for the third of our 4-part dorsaVi webinar Run Series. Join us with special guest, Matt Williams from The Training Shed, a specialist in running analysis as well as general health and well being. Each webinar will explore a different element to running using gait analysis, with the dorsaVi technology

[CASE STUDY] The challenge of deceleration with a gymnast recovering from a lower extremity injury

Read how easy and effective the Running Module is for clinicians to use and how our Running Module assessed an adolescent gymnast recovering from a lower extremity injury.

[CASE STUDY] AMI Module Predicted Injury Potential in a High School Football Player

Read how dorsaVi’s AMI module predicted injury potential in a high school football player two months before he complained of pain.

[WEBINAR] Interview with 10-41 Strength and Physical Therapy

Sign up to watch our newest on-demand webinar, as we interview the team from 10-41 Strength and Physical Therapy in Alabama to discuss how they are using our dorsaVi technology to improve care and increase revenue.

[WEBINAR] Run Webinar Series – Using All Elements of dorsaVi Technology in a Running Assessment (Part II)

Watch the second webinar of our 4-part 2021 webinar Run Series with Matt Williams from The Training Shed, based in the UK. Matt Williams specializes in running analysis and improving the health and wellbeing of the general population. Each webinar will explore a different element to running using gait analysis, with the dorsaVi technology.

[WEBINAR] Run Webinar Series – Connecting Video Gait Analysis to the dorsaVi technology (Part I)

Watch the first webinar of our 4-part 2021 webinar Run Series with Matt Williams from The Training Shed, based in the UK. Matt Williams specializes in running analysis and improving the health and wellbeing of the general population. Each webinar will explore a different element to running using gait analysis, with the dorsaVi technology.

[WEBINAR] Progression of wearable technologies in Clinical Practices

Watch as we interview renowned researcher and Physiotherapist, Sam Stuart, from Northumbria University, on how he is using our dorsaVi technology in his work. Dr. Stuart is researching running injuries and mild traumatic brain injury (concussion) in university-level athletes using the dorsaVi system

Clinical Patient Case Study

ViPerform Running Shoe Case Study

Clinical Patient Case Study

ViPerform Running Shoe Case Study

ViPerform Running Shoes Case Study

ViPerform Running Shoe Case Study

ViPerform Indoor 5v5 Soccer Case Study

ViPerform Soccer Case Study

ViPerform Running Case Study

ViPerform US Victoria Mitchell Website Image

ViMove Furniture Delivery Case Study

ViMove Furniture Delivery Case Study

ViMove Factory Worker Case Study

ViMove Factory Worker Case Study


[WEBINAR] Movement, posture, and low back pain – How do they relate

Listen to our audio recording to hear an interview with renowned researchers who used dorsaVi’s wearable sensor technology in their published research. The research paper titled “Movement, posture, and low back pain. How do they relate? A replicated single‐case design in 12 people with persistent, disabling low back pain”

[WEBINAR] How to Seamlessly Reopen Clinic

Join us as we interview Matt Williams, the lead Sports Therapist at The Training Shed in the UK on how they have been using our dorsaVi technology for several years. In this interview we discuss how they have applied the testing in their practice, how they relay the results to the customers and how they feel the metrics have enhanced their business.

[Webinar] Stay on the Cutting Edge of Sports Physical Therapy

Join us as we interview Dr. Trent Nessler DPT. Trent is the co-developer of the dorsaVi AMI (Athletic Movement Index) module and President of Vitality for Just Rebound. Learn how to assess whether your athletes are ready to return to play or screen healthy athletes to identify abnormal mechanics and plan interventions to prevent injury. We will also discuss how to generate new referrals from your orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine physicians and also the potential to develop cash pay programs within your practice.

[WEBINAR] ViSafe Case Study – Chilton Logging

Join Dr Andrew Ronchi (CEO, dorsaVi) and Dr Nic Patee (President, Work Right NW) as they discuss this 15 month in-field study assessing 128 individual tasks and running dozens of comparative analyses in order to help extend the careers in logging and prevent injuries.

dorsaVi’s Run Assessment Module & The Run Safe Program from Champion Sports Medicine

AMI – ACL Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement

[WEBINAR – WATCH NOW] An Introduction to dorsaVi Professional Suite – Low Back

With dorsaVi Professional Suite Low Back you can obtain objective baseline movement data to gauge and monitor client progress. Measure the movements that help you validate your treatment approach as well as providing your client with the objective measures they want – an important means of keeping them engaged with their treatment, whilst also enhancing satisfaction and referrals for your business.

[WEBINAR] Return on intelligence: Turning movement insights into improved safety outcomes


Three case studies will be shared during the webinar: 1. Heathrow Airport: How Heathrow Airport used assessment data to inform decision making, change work practice, engage the workforce with ‘real-life’ data to change behavior and ultimately reduce injuries. Major Grocery Store Chain: We’ll discuss how a major grocery store chain, with over 800 locations, was able to use comparative assessments to validate the purchase of new manual handling equipment. 3. Visy Board: Understand how Visy were able to modify employee behavior with the use of dorsaVi’s mini-sensor solution, myViSafe.

[WEBINAR] An Introduction to dorsaVi Professional Suite – Knee

With the dorsaVi Professional Suite Knee assessment product you can visualize the quality of your clients’ knee movements, including dynamic movements like hopping and landing. Objective data from dorsaVi Professional Suite knee assessments can be used to tailor precise rehabilitation exercise programs, strength & conditioning regimes and to guide return to play readiness decisions.

[WEBINAR] An Introduction to dorsaVi Professional Suite – Run

Join presenters Joanna Goldin (Head of Clinical Products) and Shawna Jamison (National Account Manager), as they provide insights into the running metrics, unique use cases and functionality achievable with dorsaVi’s wearable technology – Professional Suite Run.

How To Run Without Pain: 7 Tips To Try

[WEBINAR] Announcing The Launch Of dorsaVi Professional Suite

Join presenter Joanna Goldin (Head of Clinical Products), as she provides an introduction to our three revolutionary Professional Suite assessment products: Run, Knee & Low Back. Paired with an iPad, our mini sensors and patented algorithms put powerful insights into the palm of your hand, enabling you to run sophisticated analysis, both in or out of your clinic.

[WEBINAR] How Heathrow Airport Chooses And Uses Manual Handling Aids

Join Zoe Whyatt (Head of Operations and Sales, dorsaVi) in conversation with Dave Newcombe (Head of Process Engineering, Heathrow Airport), where we will discuss how Heathrow Airport uses objective data to make informed decisions.

Jim McCrossin, Director of Sports Medicine for the Philadelphia Flyers discusses how dorsaVi AMI keeps the Flyers on the ice

New York Islanders Using dorsaVi Movement Sensors To Customize Physical Therapy Programs

Preventing ACL Injuries

[WEBINAR] ViPerform AMI Demonstration



Join us for an in-depth demonstration of the dorsaVi Athletic Movement Index™ module, from presenters Dr Trent Nessler (National Director of Sports Medicine Innovation – Select Medical), Shawna Jamison (dorsaVi) & Kerri Whitehead (dorsaVi).

[WEBINAR] Wearable Technology, challenging the way it’s always been done



Join us for a webinar where Angie Korny and Nick Bridge from Bard Pharmaceuticals will share insights from their ViSafe project. They will also discuss how they used this data to challenge the way things were traditionally done with respect to workplace health and safety.

[WEBINAR – WATCH NOW] Hard Data For Runners (PART 2): Malc Kent’s Approach to Running Analysis and Performance Coaching

Malc Kent Running Webinar



Join Joanna Goldin (dorsaVi) and Malc Kent (Malc Kent Performance Services) in their second webinar as they share into some of the more advanced applications of dorsaVi sensor technology for assessing and helping runners. From workout preparation and race event analysis to injury rehabilitation and indoor versus outdoor running.

dorsaVi at Charm City Run

Talking Low Back with Duffy & Bracken

dorsaVi Movement Suite Promo Reel

[WEBINAR] Can Wearable Technology Change Worker Behaviour?

Visy Webinar



Join us for a webinar where Rowena Terlingen from Visy Board will share insights from their 12-week pilot project investigating the effectiveness of using myViSafe technology to engage front line staff and modify manual handling behaviours.

Dry Lining ViSafe Project Summary

VINCI Construction ViSafe Project Summary

Stone Masonry ViSafe Project Summary

[WEBINAR – WATCH NOW] Hard data for runners (PART 1): Malc Kent’s approach to running analysis and performance coaching

Malc Kent Webinar



Join Joanna Goldin (dorsaVi) and Malc Kent (Malc Kent Performance Services) to learn how wearable sensor technology is re-defining running analysis methods for physical therapists, sports medicine specialists, running coaches and biomechanics specialists.

[WEBINAR] Using wearable technology to identify & prioritize injury risk, and validate control strategies

Silver Chain Webinar



You’re invited to join Matthew May (dorsaVi) and Mark Devenyns (Silver Chain Group) to learn how ViSafe allowed Mark and his team to improve the health and safety of Silver Chain’s employees while curbing the growing number of injury claims.

Wearable sensor technology helps local athletes

Health rehab going high tech (WUSA9)

[WEBINAR] Hard data for heavy lifting: How Astins and Skanska UK are redefining industry-wide health and safety standards

Astins ViSafe On-Demand Webinar
When heavy lifting is involved, guesswork just won’t cut it. This is what Astins and Skanska UK realised when researching the effect of handling plasterboard on worker health and wellbeing. Watch now to learn more about their story.

ViMove2 featured on Today Extra

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital using dorsaVi technology in their patient programs

[WEBINAR] Confidence in data: Sophie’s return to play story

Confidence in data: Sophie's return to play story
You’re invited to join Joanna Goldin, Shane Scott and Dr. Glen Johnson as we share the real-life story of Shane’s daughter, Sophie Scott; a 17 year old, division 1 college soccer prospect whose heartbreaking ACL injuries led her to revolutionary wearable sensor technology from dorsaVi to answer her return to play questions.

[Webinar] ViPerform Knee Module

Wearables in the workplace webinar
Shawna Jamison discusses dorsaVi’s knee module with regards to metric definitions, sensor placement, testing ideas, capturing data, reporting, feature reminders and a case study.

[Webinar] myViSafe. Real time. Real change.

ViMove2 launch webinar
If you’re looking to improve employee engagement, use real-time feedback to make informed decisions and enhance your your safety culture, join Sarah Riseley as she takes a deep dive into the latest manual handling training platform designed for you and your team.

[Webinar] Wearables in the workplace: A new approach to improving safety and reducing risk

Wearables in the workplace webinar
Join dorsaVi experts Sarah Riseley and Landell Archer as they explore the emergence of ViSafe wearable sensor technology in the workplace, and how it is reducing workplace risk, improving productivity and leading to cost savings for organisations across the globe.

[Webinar] ViMove Low Back Module

ViMove Low Back webinar
Join Shawna Jamison and Joanna Goldin as they take a deep dive into ViMove’s Low Back module and demonstrate how you can unleash the full power of the data collected. Improve your ViMove skills and learn more about low back protocols, data capture optimization, analysis and data interpretation.

Real time. Real change. Welcome to myViSafe.

dorsaVi RUN WITH SOLE Training Day

PACE Prehab & Recovery using dorsaVi Technology

[Webinar] ViPerform Running Module

ViPerform Running Module Webinar
Shawna Jamison discusses dorsaVi’s Running module with regards to metric definitions, capturing data, reporting, feature reminders and a case study.

Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine using dorsaVi

Prehab: The new therapy

Sunderland FC & ViPeform

dorsaVi on the 7.30 Report

ViMove on A Current Affair

ViPerform on the Fox Footy Show

ViPerform on Channel 7 News

dorsaVi on the Golf Show

Hamstring Sensor Setup

Low Limb Sensor Setup

Neck Sensor Setup

Low Back Sensor Setup

Neck Live Assessment

Functional Live Assessment

Stability and Balance Movement Challenge

Pelvic Tilt Movement Challenge

Range and Speed Movement Challenge

Hardware & Accessories Overview

Running Biofeedback

Running Monitoring

Running Live Assessment Treadmill

Knee Control Live Assessment

Hamstring Live Assessment

Low Back Live Training

Low Back Biofeedback

Low Back Monitoring

Low Back Live Assessment

Steadman Hawkins Sports Performance

Water Industry Case Study

Powercor case study

Woolworths case study

Vinci case study

TFL case study

Why should I use Low Back?

Why should I use Running?

Why should I use Neck?

Why should I use Knee?

Why should I use Hamstring?

Why should I use Functional?

ViSafe Wearable Sensors

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