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Workplace wearable sensors help you reduce injuries and improve productivity

Revolutionary Wearable Sensor Technology for the workplace

  • Enhance Your Safety Culture and Injury Prevention
  • Reduce Injury Risk and Cost
  • Increase Productivity

Analyze. Pinpoint. Improve

ViSafeTM wearable movement sensors track, analyze and report on how your employees more through their daily work lives and take the guess work out of workplace injuries and safety risks.

The Solution

The ViSafe wearable movement sensors and intelligent data analysis provide insights not possible through observation alone. With this objective data and a detailed understanding of how your workforce moves you can confidently make decisions to improve workplace safety, manual handling, office ergonomics, workplace design and employee productivity.

The Process

The onsite dorsaVi accessors simultaneously collect video and motion sensor data from the movement trackers which paints a detailed picture for the ViSafe analysts to review and pinpoint unsafe work practices that may lead to a workplace injury. The reported data and recommendations empower you to make evidence-based decisions to improve the safety of your workforce.

The Technology

The ViSafe sensors are medical-grade wearable technology which collects movement and muscle activity information from multiple body locations simultaneously providing highly accurate and reliable data.

Wearable Sensors
One for Movement, one for Muscle Activity

What People Are Saying About ViSafe

“The traditional way that bricklayers lay bricks is by stacking the bricks about a foot off the ground and putting a wooden mortar board on the top. Can you imagine bending every day getting mortar constantly from that lower board to build your wall? They’re going to be bending over every time they need to lay a brick, about 2000-2500 times per day. Introducing the EcoSpot, which is adjustable, was great but we needed the proof that it would reduce bending and strain on the back for us to adopt it.”

Senior Construction Manager,
VINCI Construction UK

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