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Do you know what factors are contributing to manual handling injuries in your workplace? Use sensor technology & data insights to gain a deeper understanding of the injury risks at a worker, job role or task level and guide decision making on potential solutions.

The ViSafe wearable movement sensors and intelligent data analysis provide insights not possible through observation alone. With this objective data and a detailed understanding of how your workforce moves you can confidently make decisions to improve workplace safety, manual handling, office ergonomics, workplace design and employee productivity.


The onsite dorsaVi assessors simultaneously collect video and motion sensor data from the movement trackers which paints a detailed picture for the ViSafe analysts to review and pinpoint unsafe work practices that may lead to a workplace injury. The reported data and recommendations empower you to make evidence-based decisions to improve the safety of your workforce.


The ViSafe sensors are medical-grade wearable technology which collects movement and muscle activity information from multiple body locations simultaneously providing highly accurate and reliable data.

The ‘ViSafe’ study has proven to be a practical and essential tool to assess work activities, deciding on the purchase of/or developing plant and equipment for the future. ‘ViSafe’ has proven to be a fundamental step in our workplace safety.
Sean Watters - Emergency Response Unit Manager, Transport for London
Are manual handling injuries an issue for your business? Use wearable sensor technology & real time feedback in the field to coach & educate workers in better manual handling practices, & reduce injury risk.

Our myViSafe technology is used by leading organizations and on-site clinicians worldwide, to identify and mitigate injury risk in the workplace and drive behavioral change with regards to manual handling. The four mini sensors (worn on the low back & shoulders) stream real time movement data (in the field) to the iOS compatible App (via Bluetooth) and a cloud-based dashboard allows you to access and analyse the assessment data across your organization.

myViSafe is the ideal manual handling training platform, allowing employees to see their own movement profile and understand how safely they are moving. The personalized data and interaction with wearable technology engage employees like never before.

More powerful than any classroom manual handling training program, myViSafe brings training to life and empowers employees to take responsibility for their own personal workplace safety.

MyVisafe - Real Time, Real Change

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