Wearable Data Insights

dorsaVi’s innovative wearable sensor solutions are used by leading businesses globally to identify movement risk, make manual handling policy decisions, develop and execute effective manual handling training programs, and to inform and guide equipment selection.
Traditional ergonomic workplace assessments are subjective and don’t paint a full picture of the movement strain being placed on individuals. The detailed and objective data collected through the dorsaVi assessments allows organizations to make fully informed decisions with confidence.
dorsaVi offers a range of ViSafe consulting assessment services including baseline assessments, comparative assessments, and best practice assessments. dorsaVi’s other workplace solution is myViSafe, a self-managed compliance and manual handling training wearable solution.
The ViSafe system consists of wearable motion sensors, software, and sophisticated algorithms that provide an objective quantitative overview of workplace physical activity. The ViSafe team analyses the data and video footage collected onsite to pinpoint risk areas of repetitive or sustained movements that can lead to injuries.
Organizations using dorsaVi data have achieved impressive and quantifiable ROI outcomes. For example, Heathrow Airport engaged us to help reduce injuries for their baggage handlers. Using dorsaVi data they were able to make informed decisions that resulted in reduced strain on shoulder muscles by 67% and back muscles by 88%, an increase in the use of manual handling aids by 60% and a reduction of manual handling injuries by 53% within a year.
Further details are available in the videos and documents below.

ViSafe Brochure

myViSafe Brochure


ViSafe Overview Video


myViSafe Overview Video

Case Studies


Vinci ViSafe Case Study (Construction)


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ViSafe Heathrow Airport Case Study Webinar Snippet 1


ViSafe Heathrow Airport Case Study Webinar Snippet 2

ViSafe Heathrow Airport Case Study

dorsaVi Workplace Case Study Chilton Logging

ViSafe: Grocery Store Milk Crate Case Study

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